The very first requirement in a hospital
is that it should do the sick no harm.

(Florence Nightingale)

Successful delivery of 21st century hospital healthcare comes with more clinical challenges and more operational quality thresholds to surpass. New York Health works with several hospital quality improvement experts who have worked at all levels in a hospital, held administrator and clinical operating roles, and have experienced most of the problems that that newly constructed or existing hospitals experience today. To be successful, hospitals have to work hard to meet international standards.

New York Health’s Hospital Assessment and Quality Improvement services are led by a group of senior health care executives who have many years of experience managing leading hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. Our team members are not academics, nor professional consultants; each of them has been personally responsible for building and managing hospitals and clinics, recruiting staff and building high-performing organizations and leading management programs to improve medical outcomes and deliver outstanding patient care.

At the hospital department level, New York Health works with a team of physician and nursing clinicians and leaders from prestigious medical facilities such as Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Cornell Columbia and other acclaimed institutions to provide an in-depth review of current practices and offer a comprehensive plan for a Center of Excellence in the reviewed specialty area.


“The instructors from Harvard really understood all the challenges we had that prevented us from achieving best practices in the ER.”

“Working alongside experienced hospital COO’s was very enlightening for me and my team. We all learned a lot and began to see things differently.”

“Our emergency department experienced long wait times and we were also under-staffed. The New York Health consultants from Johns Hopkins helped us restructure our registration desk operations which hugely reduced our wait times and improved our overall patient safety monthly metrics.”

Current Programs Available for Hospital Administrators and Department Staff

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