EMT / Paramedics 12-Month Competency Certificate Course

programSlider_03EMTs and paramedics play a critical role in patient care and patient safety. Lives often depend on the prompt response and expert care of these professionals opting into a career of emergency response.

New York Health has partnered with several notable US universities to design a special EMT/Paramedics course for current EMT and Paramedics professionals who are looking for an intense ‘refresher’ course that can prepare them for the National Registry Exam (NRE), enables them to earn a certificate from a US accredited university, and can be delivered in as few as 12 months.

Faculty experts

This course will be taught on site by New York Health’s educational partners. A certificate for EMT and another for Paramedics can be earned by any of the following New York Health Affiliated Institutions:

• Yale University – New Haven Sponsor Hospital
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
• Mount Sinai Medical School
• Harvard Medical School
• George Washington University Medical School

A university certificate will be earned upon successful completion of this one year course which includes a combination of lecture and lab/simulation followed by a clinical internship. The EMT/Paramedics certificate course breaks down into three phases:

    Phase 1: EMT Studies – 2 Months
    Phase 2: Paramedics Studies – 8 Months
    Phase 3: Clinical Requirements – 2-3 Months

Further Advancement

For students desiring to advance their Associate’s degree to the level of Bachelor’s, New York Health offers two more phases that enable advanced studies to occur at home or in the United States:

    Phase 4a: Bridging Program – in the United States
    Phase 4b: Bridging Program – at home
    Phase 5: Clinical Internship

Complement Certificate Course with English Studies

For professionals looking to improve their proficiency in English prior to enrolling in this course, New York Health can arrange for English studies to complement this EMT/Paramedics certificate. Please contact us at support@americanhealthnyc.com to learn more.

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