New Hospital Launch and Quality Improvement

programSlider_04You’ve spent years of planning and your hospital building construction has concluded. You are about to launch a new hospital: new facility, new equipment, new staff and new technologies.

Now here comes the next challenge: perhaps you aren’t fully staffed, or your team is inexperienced. Maybe your systematic problem-identification and problem-solving process is still underdeveloped. How do you achieve and sustain improvements over time? What are your next operational priorities that will help you meet JCI standards?

New York Health has created a strong network of relationships with leading universities and hospitals throughout the United States, including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Columbia and others. We also work closely with King Saud University School of Nursing and the University of Jordan.

We work with our US partners to design and deliver our education programs in the Middle East, and to provide education, clinical and management experiences in the US for Middle Eastern medical professionals.

Senior Healthcare Executives

Each new hospital has a different mission, and its own unique set of challenges. Our Hospital Assessment and Quality Improvement services are led by a group of senior health care executives who have many years of experience managing leading hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. Our team members are not academics, nor professional consultants; each of them has been personally responsible for building and managing hospitals and clinics, recruiting staff and building high-performing organizations and leading management programs to improve medical outcomes and deliver outstanding patient care.

8-Phase Operations Assistance to Success

The level comprehensiveness of 2-5 year program is determined according to the needs of the hospital. Our partner hospital executives have assembled a 8-phase operating plan:

    Phase I. Discovery (Teleconference that clarifies project objectives and resources define the problem and outcomes desired)

    Phase II. Preliminary Proposal (Includes required staffing, work plan and timing, milestones and objectives, and estimated costs)

    Phase III. On-Site Visit to Refine Proposal (If preliminary proposal approved) Meet staff and identify oversight team and on-site project teams

    Phase IV. Develop Detailed Proposal and Work Plan (Identify priority projects A, B and C; required staffing, project teams, execution plan, reporting and metrics, and expected costs to complete)

    Phase V. Process Improvement Program for “A” Priority Projects

    Phase VI. Process Improvement Program for “B” Priority Projects

    Phase VII.
    Process Improvement Program for “C” Priority Projects

    Phase VIII. Overall Program Review and Report

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