EMT / Paramedics – Continuing Education Programs

programSlider_03New York Health provides EMT and Paramedics curricula that enables EMT and Paramedics professionals to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) in their field of practice. These three- or five-day courses can be delivered at your hospital or medical training facility.

New York Health EMT and Paramedics programming include lectures plus lab and simulation practice. All courses are presented in a “competency-based” learning format which means students will benefit from greater individualized learning.

Course topics

The following topics are taught by faculty experts who represent some of New York Health’s educational partners. Topics include:

  • Medical Terminology (5 days)
  • Trauma Care and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) (3 days)
  • Advanced Pre-Hospital Care (3 days)
  • Patient Assessment in EMS (3 days)
  • Ambulance Safety Inspection (3 days)
  • EMS Pharmacology and Intervention, Intra-osseous and Central Line Access and Medication Administration (3 days)
  • Airway Intervention and Management during Emergency (3 days)
  • ECG Interpretation (3 days)
  • Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support (3 days)
  • PCI for STEMI Program and Advanced ECG Acute Myocardial Infarction Treatment (3 days)

Faculty experts

The topics above are standard course topics taught regularly in the United States by New York Health’s educational partners. Teaching the Continuing Education EMT and Paramedics courses are faculty experts from the following New York Health Affiliated Institutions:

• Yale University – New Haven Sponsor Hospital
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
• Mount Sinai Medical School
• Harvard Medical School
• George Washington University Medical School

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