My role as a paramedic isn’t always to save a life… sometimes it is to simply make their transition comfortable.

(An Australian Paramedic; year unknown)

If you are an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or Paramedic, or you are interested in this field, why not consider the CME and competency programs that New York Health can offer you at home and abroad? Improving your response time and patient saving capacity so you meet international standards will be key to your success.

New York Health partners with universities and hospitals in the US that have exceptional reputations in providing courses in EMS and Paramedics studies. The quality and experience of New York Health’s educational partner instructors plus the quality of the clinical and/or field ride-along opportunities is unsurpassed. Many students already pre-certified return to enroll in New York Health’s Competency program because it provides the most comprehensive overview and lab/simulation work available today.

Whether you enroll in Continuing Medical Education (CME) or New York Health’s EMT and Paramedics Competency programs that will prepare you for the National Registry Exam, you’ll be learning from the best in the industry.

Current Programs Available for EMTs and Paramedics

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Continuing Medical Education Programs

EMT and Paramedics Competency Certificates – 12 months

EMT and Paramedics Train the Trainer Program

Preparation for the National Registry Exam

New York Health Internship Programs

EMS Leadership Certificate Program

Ambulance Operations Package

Center of Excellence – EMS System

Check back frequently for new programs offered by New York Health Educational Partners.


“The instructor to student ratio during my lab work was very helpful in learning new airway techniques.”

“I like how the course was taught. New York Health’s “competency-based instruction” meant the instructor could tailor the course content in a way that I learn best.”

“Some of the vehicle operation tips we learned increased our response time by 25%. I can’t believe we built in extra steps we never really needed.”

“The review of pharmacology and drug interactions was much more comprehensive than I expected.”