Nursing Development Programs in the United States

programSlider_02Recognizing the benefits of obtaining experience elsewhere, New York Health has partnered with both hospitals and educational institutions in the United States to provide a variety of clinical training and leadership advancement opportunities to Middle Eastern nurses here in the United States.

Nurse Internship

New York Health offers a two to three month nurse internship combining both on-hands clinical experience with academic and didactic training through a US university. This program combines top-rated classroom training with an optimal clinical experience in tertiary medical facilities in New York City.

All classes and on-site skills training are conducted under the supervision of qualified nursing and healthcare professionals who are recognized as leaders in their field.

Available internship programs include, but are not limited to:

    • Nursing Management/Leadership
    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Neonatal Nursing
    • Pain Management
    • Oncology
    • Emergency Department Nursing

The above programs may be expanded to a one-year residency if desired.

Observational Training

A four week observational training/simulation lab training at a New York hospital.

Visiting nurses may experience observational training at tertiary care hospitals in New York City for approximately a one month period. Nurses may rotate through more than one hospital or more than one specialty areas including medical, surgical, OR, emergency room, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and critical care.

Each experience will be constructed to enhance the skill set of the visiting nurses. Participating nurses in New York Health observer ships will also receive hands-on experience in simulation labs designed to mimic clinical locations.

Nursing Leadership

New York Health has developed a program which combines clinical observational training with nursing leadership training. This allows visiting Nursing Managers to return with clinical and management ideas and experience. with a large hospital system in New York City.

Hospital Management and Leadership

For nursing administrators, New York Health provides hospital management and leadership and intense exposure to a large US healthcare system.

In partnership with a 6-hospital health system in New York City, New York Health has developed a unique one week program in the for medical staff and nursing leadership who wish to experience how a U.S. system is implementing quality goals and focusing on teamwork throughout its hospitals, from community hospitals to a large tertiary care facility and research tower.

The visiting leaders will meet with senior medical and hospital management with the goal of returning with ideas and knowledge as to enhancement of teamwork, quality and healthcare system operations. Additional time can be scheduled to focus on academic and research programs if desired.

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